It's all in the name...ROCCR

Join the next step of the journey with us as we help you get closer to your fans and fund your projects, with direct-to-fan crowdfunding, 100% secure because funds are held in your name.

It’s all in the name!  ROCCR is rewards-based crowdfunding for the creative arts.  

ROCCR is actually born out of a real passion from us all for music and the arts, from frustration and a desire to help artists achieve more and save them from the greed of the overly commercial crowdfunding routes that have tried, failed and absconded with your money.

We have a different vision, one of transparency and trust.

R – Recognition – Helping you to find that reward and recognition for your projects

O – Opportunity – to fundraise and get seen, noticed and grow

C – Community – trusted and likeminded people, helping to support you

C – Credibility – ours’ and yours’, protected and growing to help you achieve your goals 

R – Reputation – Growing and supported to help you deliver 

The Business

The business structure has been set up as a ‘Limited by Guarantee’ therefore we’re not driven to provide shareholder returns. 

We’re effectively ‘not for profit’ as any profits will be ploughed back to helping us to deliver more and better services to support more projects.  Because of this, we are working with, and for, the arts community to help everyone have great experiences and want to help artists around the globe make it happen.

To find out more, sign up for a free account and explore the rest of the site to discover more.

Meet Keith, Iain and Steve, Founders of ROCCR

Meet Keith, Iain and Steve, Founders of ROCCR

Crowdfunding has a new name, ROCCR

Crowdfunding has a new name, ROCCR

The Team

Steve Bishop
Business development experience and technical provider for the ROCCR team
Iain Baker
Experienced in the music industry - Jesus Jones keyboard player and manager
Keith Webb
Experienced consultant and board advisor with more than 30 years in industry
List your project
Sign up and register your project details, pay the £99 admin cost and we'll get to work vetting and approving your project. We'll liaise with you to make sure it's going to have the best chance of success and get you ready to get the first 10% donated privately before fully launching
Promote your project
Once approved, get your first 10% in the bank and then you're live! Promote and raise your funds and get 100% of the donated money direct. No one else can touch your funds, all held secure in a trusted third party account in your name!
Deliver your project
Congratulations, you've just done a ROCCR and raised a lot of money in the process for a great new arts project! The money will be in your account shortly after the project is closed for you to deliver your project. Make sure you keep your fans and donors up to date!