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Our vision

To help and support projects in the arts with a new, fair and transparent way that protects your money.

Working in all areas of art, you can submit your project for approval whether you’re a new, upcoming or existing artist.  

If you’re wanting a bit of help to get through the vetting and getting the project page as good as it can be with the information you’ve got, we’ve got an assisted listing option for you. 

Even better, if you’re short on time and need a complete package of support to get your project listed, we’ll take what you’re after and help created the words and reward ideas for you.  

ROCCR RULES! (you knew that already...)

Code of Ethics

We have created some basic ethics, standards that we believe everyone wants to work to so ask you to sign up to that as you begin your journey with us

Basic Rules

We not only believe in ethics but have some basic rules. Art can be subjective but we do need some rules of engagement so take a read of these alongside the main terms

Be Prepared

When you start to register, you'll need to have a budget, rewards ideas (at least 3), text on the project, the team, a timeline and also begin to put a plan together for your ROCCR raise

Playing the Game

Fans like to know you, the project and we ask most of all you are honest. Along with that, you need to talk to your customers, play the game of engagement, answer questions and give updates regularly throughout and post project.

Music to fashion, sculptures to comedy and events

Register for an account and get your project listing underway.