We will support the arts in an open, trustworthy and transparent way. Our aim is to help venue owners, artists, musicians and performers connect with genuine fans.

We want to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with ROCCR, and any projects on it, are all treated in the same way- based on the same core values.

We want to help the Arts grow, and for the fans to get closer to their dreams via amazing experiences and things that money usually can’t buy!

List a project, raise money and deliver-keeping your fans and ROCCR’S (your donators) up to date with progress. Here are the main creative areas we expect to provide a platform for –

  • Bands, solo artists, groups
  • Theatre
  • Film and Video
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Comedy

A few key things you need to know about working with ROCCR-

1) ROCCR aims to be transparent in all that we do, so the first thing we ask for, is honesty from our users, and partners. So, don’t misrepresent or lie about professional qualifications, experience,  previous productions, or the identity and quality of any equipment that you use to do your work.

2) At ROCCR, we don’t hold you to an absolute deadline, but we ask that you always keep the patience of others in mind. Your projects have been made possible by the generosity of others – don’t repay that by going silent. If you have issues with your timeframe, ALWAYS keep us, and the customers, fully informed of issues. Don’t forget – everyone will appreciate your honesty.
3) You may not be working to an absolute deadline – but you are working to something equally demanding – your own abilities. Keep persisting, until you’re confident that you’ve succeeded.

4) In all cases – treat other people’s art and creativity, as you would your own. Respect copyright and performance laws. Don’t indulge in piracy, or interfere with protected work. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t attempt to sell a product that isn’t your own, or use ROCCR for other commercial purposes which are forbidden.

5) Whilst creativity is boundless, the laws of the land can naturally be restrictive. As a company bound by those laws, please be aware of the content you bring to our site – how others may see it, and use it. Don’t post anything which is hateful, or which harasses anyone else. Make sure you’ve got a copy of ROCCR’s t&c’s to hand, in case you need further clarification.

6) Don’t use ROCCR for unlawful purposes, stalking, collecting personal data, spamming any of our users.

7) Your work is always your own – but when it appears on a site like ROCCR, then it does mean that certain rights are inferred, and sometimes applied. We’ll always be open and honest about these.

8) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to ask for help and advice. It’s what we’re here for

9) And don’t forget to check the fine print, if you need further clarification. We’ve laid it all out in our terms and conditions