How crowdfunding works 

Crowdfunding is certainly one of the most popular ways to raise money and we have oulined below how fundraising, specificially crowdfunding with ROCCR, works.

Do you have a new exhibition, fashion line, book publication, play or production or even a festival or music album or demo? Whatever it is, ROCCR is a crowdfunding website that will help give you the tools to make it happen.

There are 2 ways to crowdfund 

  1. Equity (like crowdcube) where you give some of the business away in shares or
  2. Rewards based crowdfunding – that’s how ROCCR works!

What is ‘rewards-based’ crowdfunding?

Essentially, customers buy rewards, experiences, albums or gifts, sometimes things that ‘money wouldn’t ordinarily buy’.  We’ve got plenty of ideas to help if you need it but explore some of the reward pages linked above too.

What is needed to create a fundraising page?

There are some basics you need to help create a crowdfund campaign.  We have some example pages to explore but as a quick summary:

  1. Title of your project

  2. Description (300-600 words)

  3. Short Description (No more than 50 characters)

  4. Image – a sketch, photo that will show you off on the page?

  5. Video – if you have one – ideally 90 seconds to 4 minutes in length about the project and team

  6. Soundcloud audio – if you have one, a great way to showcase the music

  7. Target start date of project

  8. Target End Date

  9. What are the funds needed to make the project happen – minimum or maximum?

  10. What is success?

    Target Goal £, Target Date? Mix?

  11. Where are you in the world?!

  12. Reward Options

Reward ideas for crowdfunding with ROCCR
Reward ideas with ROCCR
Fundraising by rewards-based crowdfunding with ROCCR

roccr crowdfunding



Simply sign up to a free account on ROCCR and submit your project. On completion of your form, bank details (for direct payments) and payment of the administration cost of £99, it will be submitted for verification.


Once approved, we'll push your page live on a private page so that you can get the first 10% minimum prior to going fully public. The more you can get before the main public sees, the better!


Whether its a CD, a recording, theatre production or otherwise, what's important is that you deliver the rewards, as promised! Once you hit your target and close your project, you'll get the first chunk of money, simple as that!


Once all is completed, we'll begin our vetting process. We'll be looking at your project and likely will come back to you with questions. Once approved and set up, you'll be ready for a 'private launch'. We don't want to turn anyone away, so help us, help you, to get you live!


You'll need to keep an eye on your page, respond to questions and also keep regular updates on the page. That'll help ensure customers get to know more about you and your campaign. That way, you've got more chance of getting your project funded quickly.


Just as important as delivering the rewards is keeping in contact with your supporters via the project page. They need to know delivery estimates and overall progress to keep them informed. They'll be your loyal fans and biggest advocates so keep them happy!


Get ready for your ROCCR with a solid communications plan, that'll be part of our checks to help ensure the best chance of success.


Despite the best plans, some things you thought would work may not and others will just surprise you. Be ready to respond and react to keep your campaign growing.


You've completed your ROCCR! You've got your funds direct, 100% of them and delivered your project. Now you have a new batch of fans to talk to to help you grow in the future!