Marketing your crowdfunding project

While a great project can find loads of support from all over the web, how do you promote your crowdfunding campaign and idea to get that support?  It is key to your success.  That said, much of your support will still come from people who already know your work: your existing social network, friends and family, fans, supporters and your own community. Read on for tips on spreading the word about your idea, and getting people as excited about the project as you are who can then help bring your project to life.

Steps for how to market you crowdfunding idea

Prepare a plan

Before you launch, you will need to think through how you’ll approach promoting your project to reach your goal.  You need to think and use lots of ways and don’t underestimate this part, it is key to the success as much as the project itself is. 

You will need to use your existing contacts, family and friends to help get things moving, using their own network to reach beyond yours.   Outside of those closest to you, who else could be interested in what you’re doing?

Find the right audience for your message

If you’re into a particular area (Film, theatre or music), you’ll likely know the key magazines and publications so get yourself  lists of relevant blogs and bloggers, any influencers you know in online communities — like specialist forums or Facebook groups you know will care about your work. Don’t forget the key social media channels (Instagram being owned by Facebook helps!) and that bit of research you do could find that key person

Marketing your ROCCR crowdfunding project

Don’t forget about a video for your page  

Being able to talk about you and the project is a great way to convince people you’re a star in the making or get to know you and the team a bit more.
Maybe you’ll be able to show off samples of the play or artwork for the book or for the exhibition.
Video is a great tool to use and even if its 60-90’s, it’ll help you get your message over.

Announce your project

Once your crowdfunding project is live, let everyone know! Share it on Facebook, and send out a few tweets and links to the campaign page so everyone knows.  Using those close contacts and maybe influencers, get the links shared and announce it to the world!  A personal note tends to get a better response than a formal letter or just a blanket message so drop a few messages to those of influence or closest to you to get that support underway.  Try not to overwhelm people with those messages and emails but plan a campaign of news and updates throughout.  More on updating your project soon. Don’t forget to ask your suppliers too, they’ll want to see you succeed too.   

Do you need help marketing your project?

We have a number of partners we work with who are on hand to help you market your campaign or band.  PR or blogs and if you’d like to know more, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  There are a lot of people such as external agencies that may be able to help boost your profile, especially if you’re getting additional funding.

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Where will you market your project?

Work collegues

Past and present?

Your own contacts

Your own addres book

Reach out there!

Research your new audience