Need help listing?

It's time to work it out

Getting your project listed is really easy but sometimes you just need help and ideas.  That’s why we’ve come up with bundles to help you out. 


Sign up, complete the forms for vetting, the easiest and cheapest way


Get help filling the forms and details. You give us the information, we'll help check and put it live


We'll do all the heavy lifting for you, complete the forms, write the words, come up with the reward ideas

ROCCR Crowdfunding Listing Options

The lightweight DIY option

The simplest option – you register and give us all the details and we’ll vet it for you.  If you know what you need and how you want it to work, go for it!

Flexibility-Assisted option

Need a bit more flexibility?  We’ll help you fill in the forms by collecting details from you over the phone and in email.  We’ll liaise with you helping to get that project through the vetting.

short on time?

Need all the help you can get because you’re short on time or just not sure?  This is the best option then, we’ll be able to help deliver it all.  When you know what you’re needing, it’s the best route.

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