We are a small team of very passionate music lovers all about independent music promotion

Our concept has been in development since 1998 and constantly evolves with industry changes. Supporting the most worthy in the independent music industry! Have a look around and be sure to say hello on Twitter! We’re Social!

Artists: Succeeding in this music business requires that you work harder and want it more than all your peers.

Music Fans: Buying band tees is a great way to support independent artists! Think every t-shirt you buy as helping them get 70 miles further down the road! Wearing them out during your travels is huge too!

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Our Team

The team is small but passionate and powerful!  Regular blogs, submissions and more from Walter and the team, a great partner we’re pleased to have on board with us at ROCCR

A project/campaign can be for anything an artist chooses to create, from albums and EPs to books, movies and more.  We cover the arts so that includes theatre, art, photography, film as well as music.

A project can’t be raising for charity or give equity but is about a reward for a donation towards delivery of a project so you’ll benefit as well as the project!

That very much depends on the project and when it finishes.  You’ll need to keep an eye on the project for when the show or event may take place.