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Theatre productions fundraising

by Steve Bishop

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Steve Bishop

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Whether you’re a community group, charity fundraising or children’s theatre group, fundraising for a theatre production is a new opportunity to bring projects to life.

Raise money for children's theatre or productions with ROCCR crowdfunding website

Raise money for children’s theatre with ROCCR

Charity Fundraising to Children’s Theatre

Getting the engagement of the community and actors and their families, especially if it’s a children’s theatre or a charity production raising money for a good cause, is a great way to build a crowdfunding campaign for theatre productions with meaning.  Even if you’re a new group or existing team, there are always ways to make the event bigger and better so looking to crowdfunding as an alternative, or even alongside, traditional routes for fundraising, is just one of the latest tools available to you.

How do you crowdfund for theatre shows?

There are lots of ideas to create great rewards when crowdfunding, especially with theatre shows and productions.  If it’s raising money for a charity or cause or getting the next generation of theatre goers through the doors or onto the stage, then creating rewards for people to buy will make a successful crowdfund.

Remembering if it is to raise money for charity production, what people will be buying is a reward, not making a donation (for more on this, read the FAQs).  You can create some great opportunities to allow the fans to get closer and maybe involved in the action.

Dinner with the director, a preview showing, meeting the cast and VIP tickets are just a few ideas and there are plenty more.

How long does the fundraising take?

Depending upon your own campaign and how many followers and supporters you have already, it will take anything from a few hours or more to get the details together to make a great campaign page.  Check out our page on how it works for more details.

When you have at least 10% of the funding already raised (and if you’ve got match funding, that can go in there) then it is down to your campaign to bring it all together which would likely be 3 months or similar.  It of course varies on the scale and need of the production so can be more or less time but if you need help with ideas and listing, get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through and even offer a full support solution.

Email [email protected] or sign up for your free account today.


£100 - £249

2 Tickets to the Preview Show with signed programme

March, 2020

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0 backers

£250 - £499

2 VIP tickets to the launch event and a drink upon arrival

March, 2020

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£500or more

2 Tickets to the VIP launch event and after dinner party with the cast and director

March, 2020

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
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