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Wanting to get a children’s book published, a novel or put on a literature event?  Raise money and crowdfund it with ROCCR – the links below for rewards are for demonstration purposes only

Publishing a book and literature fundraising

by Steve Bishop

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Steve Bishop

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Campaign Story

Do you have a children’s book idea? A series of books perhaps or some poetry or literature projects you’d like to raise money for, maybe to publish a book?  Crowdfunding is one of the great ways to fundraise to help pay for the work to print, publish and promote your work.

You never know, you could be the next JK Rowling or maybe have the next ’50 Shades’ novel in you?  A ‘who done it?’ or adventure, whatever your idea, bring to life by crowdfunding.

Get your book published with crowdfunding on ROCCR

Get your book published with crowdfunding on ROCCR

How do you get a story published?

With your story, poetry or novel idea, maybe written already, we have partners and suppliers that can help bring your book to life.

Maybe you need artwork done, proofreading, or soft-back or hardback books printed and published, then there are people we can link you to to help if you need it.

Because raising the funds for the work by crowdfunding on ROCCR can boost advance sales, it will therefore help to ensure your book launches successfully.

How do you raise money for literature?

As always there some great ideas we have to help you raise money by crowdfunding with ROCCR.  Some ideas for rewards could include a signed copy of the book? May be a hardback copy (signed), what about a print from the book from the artist?.  If it is a children’s book and you have a character or pet in there, a toy version of them maybe?  It can be as simple as a postcard of thanks or even an invite to a VIP lunch or launch event where you’ll give a talk about the book.  A school or children’s book you could offer to go and talk about the book because those events can help inspire them!

For poetry or any form literature, be creative!  If you’d like help to find a team of experts to help you, sign up for your free account  because we can help you link to professional help and support.


£20 - £74

A signed copy of the book with a personalised message

December, 2019

Estimated Delivery
3 backers
997 rewards left

£75 - £249

A signed copy of the book with a personalised message and a print from the book

December, 2019

Estimated Delivery
7 backers
993 rewards left

£250or more

A signed copy of the book, a print from the book and attendance for 2 at the VIP private launch event in Manchester with buffet meal

December, 2019

Estimated Delivery
0 backers


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