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Please make a donation of at least £2 to the fundraising campaign – we want to support the independent events, families and jobs at risk from the Coronavirus Lockdown by creating a Virtual Motor Show

#VirtualMotorShow Fundraising

by Steve Bishop

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Fundraising with a #VirtualMotorShow to support events, jobs and arts & NHS Charities at risk from the Covid-19 lockdown

Hi all, I’m Steph from Great British Motor Shows.

Great British Motor Shows was set up this year to make great events and create memorable experiences for those of us who love our cars, bikes and all forms of motoring.

Coronavirus has affected everyone, and events and experiences are part of our lives I am looking forward to getting back to normal.   I know a lot of people out there who are just as nuts about motoring as I am!

I and the team also work in the events industry and have for over 15 years experience.  Working in  and supporting event organisers, bands and festivals, shows and conferences there is a lot of passionate people out there.

With all events cancelled at the moment, most are struggling like so many others right now and need some help.

It is a hard time for a lot of people.  Sadly, most shows don’t fit in the Arts Council remit to be protected with funds from this lockdown because of Coronavirus.   This means a lot of people and events are at risk of losing jobs, homes and we all lose historic events.  With part of the fund going to the NHS Charities who are fighting this crisis, we want to help as many people as we can.

Why are we doing this?

I want to raise money for those independent events and arts, bands and ideas that are stuck now, and are at risk and risking a lot of people’s jobs and homes.

The money you help raise here will be used by ROCCR, our partner (as a not-for-profit).  ROCCR will then use the funds to support these independent events/arts and people effected to help them create new projects and survive beyond Coronavirus.  It will also support the Association of NHS Charities (reg no 1186569) which is supporting the NHS staff fighting Coronavirus for us.

What we are doing – Virtual Motor Shows

Like a lot of people, I was looking forward to the Practical Classic Motor Show at the NEC this week and missed it.  There were events planned around Easter that we’re not going to see and for those of us, like me, who love our motoring, we need a fix!  The idea is I want to create a #VirtualMotorShow on Sunday’s from 2pm and maybe every Sunday during this lockdown for fun.

Get involved

Showcase your car, bike, truck…. modified, restored, sports or just damn good!  Post a couple of pictures or short video.

Twitter – (@gbmotorshows)

Instagram –

Facebook –

Tag/follow me and use the #VirtualMotorShow.  Come and join me in the fun, get your fix. To help raise the fund, you can make a donation, if you can, that will help fund the independent events, protect them and the thousands of families connected to the jobs in the industry.

Will be great fun so come and join in wherever you are and if you can donate, a couple of pounds minimum, that would be great.

Thanks and we hope you’re all keeping safe.

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