Partner to support crowdfunding

We are on a mission to support the world of arts. At ROCCR we want to work with the best and help the crowdfunding projects that come to us find the best possible suppliers and experts to help achieve great results so why not become a partner with ROCCR?  

What does that mean?

If you’re in the music industry, a music producer or studio manager, a social media expert, maybe a lighting or rigging provider, PR, production manager or talent finder, whatever your profession, if you have capacity for more business and want to help projects succeed, join us.

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Partners with ROCCR
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Do you have the X-Factor?

We have projects from TV and film, restaurants to gardens, fashion to photography and these projects owners will be good at what they do but to grow and make their projects a success and have that X-Factor, they’ll  need some help along the way.

Bringing your expertise as a partner of ROCCR, we will provide your details to our project managers whilst we onboard them to encourage engagement with trusted suppliers.

Whilst raising money via crowdfunding is one part, actual delivery is the most important part for everyone involved and we want you to help us help them succeed.

What is involved?

Quite simple – transparency, honesty and supportive.  We are looking to find the best in the business and help them grow.  If you can link in your skills, join us in cleaning up the industry.


We’ll promote our partners to all the projects coming on board for those who need more support and expert help to achieve their project​


Become a ROCCR partner


You’ll get a logo and profile page featured on the ROCCR site


You’ll get a ‘preferred partner’ ROCCR logo to use on your site to link back to the ROCCR site​