What do you need to start crowdfunding?

What's required to get your ROCCR live in a few simple steps.

What do you need to raise money in crowdfunding
Great ideas need money, even not for profits, raise money with ROCCR

What you need to start raising money for your business

A few simple steps outlined below to help show you what you need for crowdfunding and what is needed to get your next project live and raising money for your business.


We work with all creative arts from food to fashion, photography to poetry, bands and groups looking to get their first demo or wanting to expand on their next album recording.

We are driven by the desire to help and support so ROCCR is one of the ways to get a kickstart for flexible funding to raise money for your business.  If you’re looking to be not for profit crowdfunding then ROCCR can help.

What you need for crowdfunding to start is an idea and a goal.  What is it you want to achieve and how much do you need to raise?

If you need help with crowdfunding ideas, we have a few ideas to help out and can even offer you extra support.  Whether it is a VIP ticket to an event, a signed CD or album or an exclusive product, crowdfunding can be the best way to help not for profit

What do you need to raise money for your business

In 3 basic stages you can get your arts project funded. Your funds are never held by ROCCR and you get 100% of your d funds guaranteed!

£ 99 / Per Project
  • Register your user
  • Register your payment details
  • Prepare project outline text
  • 2-3 Images and video
  • Reward ideas (at least 3)


  • Pre-live upon approval to reach first 10% of raise
  • Go live at 10% and promote!
  • Have regular (daily or 3 weekly) news updates on progress
  • Keep ROCC'IN! Promote, Promote, Promote!

Deliver your ROCCR

  • Once your target is met, you'll get the chunks of your funds needed to deliver your project
  • Keep your project page updated on progress
  • Update your donors on project delivery
  • Congratulations, you've done a ROCCR!


It takes time to vet, check and set up a project from our side, setting up your own merchant account too for direct receipt of the money raised so we’ve got to cover a few hours work!

Who pays the administration and card fees?

The fans do.  To help ensure you get 100% of your funds direct to your project, we ask the fans to pay the 10% fees so its totally transparent.

We’re a not-for-profit business set up to help artists do more, more fairly.  Any monies we do raise will be used to plough back into doing what we do better for you and your fans.

Where is the money held from donations?

In a trust third party account that neither ROCCR or anyone else can touch!  The money can ONLY be paid to the project account or refunded back to the customer should the project not raise the full amount you’re after or the project can’t go ahead.