Why choose ROCCR for crowdfunding your campaign?

Why choose ROCCR from other crowdfunding websites and fundraising platforms?  Because we are different and we’re good with that.  Which crowdfunding platform works for your project or campaign will depend on your market.  We are in the music, theatre, dance, literature, food and all creative industries.

You can read more about where we’ve come from and link with us, it would be great to say hi!.  Because we are focused on creative arts, we have a mission.

Not only is our mission and vision spelled out in our name, we are all passionate about helping artists achieve their goals.

Transparency was key for us.  Therefore we wanted to make sure everyone knows what’s what in costs.  It is quite simple, we want 100% of the money paid for a reward to go to the reward.  Sadly most traditional crowdfunding sites hide those costs and charge a lot for them (up to 15%?!) . That means as a project owner or supporter, you’re not actually getting what you think .  We therefore wanted to make it clear – the project only pays a small part and the people buying the rewards cover the rest.  Simple, clear and honest.

As well as that, the emphasis is also on trust.  We therefore came up with a new way to raise money.

Using an award-winning platform from one of the co-founders, we have put together a direct-to-fan money raising website that pays funds raised direct to the project.  It isn’t held in an account in ROCCR’s name therefore it is safe.  No one can touch it and the cash can only flow direct to the project or back to the customer.

It’s all in the name!  Not only do we think ROCCR is a great name, it also has meaning.

Built up from the values and needs of the arts industry, ROCCR literally says it all:

Reputation – helping you to grow 

Opportunity – to unlock potential in your projects

Community – being a part of one that matters and cares both within the industry and wider community of fans

Credibility – You and ourselves need it – we’re from within the industry so know what matters

Recognition – for your work, art and outstanding effort to the arts

It meant a lot to focus on what matters, transparency and trust and we’ll continue to work on that with you as we grow.  We’re excited as we build up the profile of the site, talk to more musicians, bands, theatre groups and colleges about how we can help support the arts from students, children, outreach projects to your breakthrough album, recording or tour.  We’re here to support you and value your support as much as your input


We are different

We’re proud to be different to other crowdfunding sites and know our model won’t suit everyone.  For those of you who want transparency, fairness and are arts related, we’ll stand with you and support you grow.

Fashion Designs and show

We can scale new heights with you! We don’t hold your donations, it goes straight to your own merchant account held securely for you.

We’re up front with you and your supporters and fans telling you there are costs, what they are and ensuring you get 100% of your money.

Whatever the weather and however things go, we know it may not always go to plan so we’ll ensure customers get 100% of their money back that they paid for your reward/gift.


We’re not driven by shareholders, we’re driven by passion to make this work for the artists and fans.

Whatever your genre of the arts, sign up and let’s work with you to get your project brought to life!

Reward ideas with ROCCR

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