Why it costs to crowdfund


Whilst we are a not-for-profit, there are costs and administration to help get your crowdfunding campaign set up which is why it costs.  Therefore there is a small cost.  It is just from £99 so is a low cost.  It is just a simple issue of business expenses.  It costs to run a website, develop and use clever software, host it, time spent… you know, running a business! 

Because we’re efficient at what we’re doing, we are not overcharging and nor are we hiding costs. 

There are of course card fees and other costs for the fundraise you’ll be doing and those costs we ask the customers to buy.

We’re not a fan of adding fees but to we want you to get 100% of the money you need.  Therefore, that passing of costs means you only pay the basic administration set up cost.

Other crowdfunding platforms pass on the other costs, up to 15%, to you as the project owner.  That to us isn’t clear, fair or transparent.

What that means to your customers is that you add more and more money on which can make it harder to show good value.


What does it cost to crowdfund on ROCCR?

The project will pay an administration (non-refundable) from just £99 to register yourself or a fully serviced option up to £499 where we’ll help get you ready for your project with the wording and form completion including reward ideas too. 

This covers the basic vetting and process set up that a project will require.  That’s it, everything else is taken care of….how?

The supporters and fans, or ROCCRs as we like to call them, will buy rewards in your projects.  They’ll pay, for example, £30 for your level one reward.  We’ll charge them the processing and administration fee of 10% so £3.

This means as a project owner, you’ll get 100% of the money and no other costs.

What if the project doesn’t go ahead?

Should the project not go ahead for some reason, the way ROCCR works, it will also mean that 100% of the money can and will be refunded to the customer, the £30.

The costs of running a business exist whether or not the project goes ahead so we need to ensure we’re covered.  We’d rather not do as other crowdfunding sites do and overcharge the project.

Customers, we believe, want to know that their money is going to the right place, where they want it, so their money goes to the project, 100% of it.

Simple, transparent and trustworthy, we believe.  We have to operate, even without profits and want to keep growing to support more and more projects.

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